“It’s time to inspire the next generation of makers”.

The project

YooMeYoo’s energy education development project is dedicated to promoting an energy-conscious society by building effective networks of students, educators, businesses, and community leaders to design and implement education programs.

YooMeYoo’s aim is to build and develop a ‘Makerspace’, with the intention of::

  • Becoming an active participant in the energy transition to the Smart Grid
  • Developing an energy, sustainability, and Smart Grid-focused interactive space
  • Creating an exceptional teaching experience: to develop information exchange between children and artisans
  • Encouraging everyone with an interest in ‘Maker’ technologies to get more involved

YooMeYoo’s mission is inspire children to take an active interest in energy and technology, to encourage them to use it responsibly throughout their lives. The purpose of the factory space is to education them in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in a positive way by helping them to develop practical knowledge in a safe and responsible environment.

Our History