YooMeYoo Supporters

A working group has been set up; a team keen to develop our objectives and assist with the factory’s renovation. These include professionals from seven different nations:

The Team::

  • Bernard Feron, 49yrs., Engineer, Project R&D, Marketing Belgium
  • Catherine Dehandtschutter, 36yrs., Environmental Communication, Belgium,
  • Bjorn Vidakovic, 40yrs., Engineer, Project Leader, Belgium,
  • Jean Vidakovic, 79yrs., Latin & Greek teacher, educational school shows,
  • Stephan Hoornaert, 46yrs.,Sciences teacher, biomimicry,
  • Elisabeth Coenegrachts, 74yrs., creative, artistic, stylist.
  • Ankur Srivastava, Webmaster, Delhi, India,

The partners:

  • Johanna Jacob, Architect and Designer, Common Paradox, Belgium,
  • Benoît Noël, Project Management Consultant, Belgium,
  • Qian Jiang, Designer, Stockholm, Sweden,
  • Joshua de la Liana, IQBE for Kids, Education modules, Philippines,
  • Prof. Stephan Hoornaert, Biomimicry Consultant, Belgium,
  • David Ten Have, JoyLabz, Education Electronics, California,
  • Dave Barton, Branding and Communications, UK,
  • Ankur Srivastava, Webmaster, Delhi, India,
  • Olivier Gramaccia, R&D Prototypes, Sirris, Belgium,
  • Yannick Molle, Domogrid, Engineer, Belgium,
  • Kom Yang, Graphic Artist, California

Our Team